What We Do

The death was unexpected. Suddenly family was shattered and a wife left widowed, children fatherless. The mother tried to cope with rapidly mounting debts. But her valiant attempts were largely in vain. The family’s meager resources were soon gone and it faced foreclosure on the house they called home.

Real cases of crisis like this and many others like it are the reason for our existence. Often, misfortune befalls individuals or families, and traditional channels of aid or assistance are unavailable to them due to eligibility criteria. The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club, a privately-funded charity, is able to intervene quickly and independently. We provide single instance assistance for cases that we investigate and deem worthy of our efforts. Our aid is offered to make a difference – we do not provide a “band-aid” to unfortunate circumstances – but rather create solutions designed to get people and families back on their feet and moving toward sustainable independence.

Potential crisis cases are referred to the board and Crisis Case Director through various channels, including:

  • Our Membership
  • Local religious organizations
  • Other charitable organizations

All referred cases are assigned case investigators who through personal meetings and interviews with the affected, determine needs and offer a recommendation for aid, if necessary or appropriate.

As a privately-funded charitable organization, the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club relies on annual fundraising events, contributions by Members and like-minded organizations and business, and also through the pursuit of grants. For more information on how you can join the club or contribute to our cause, please review the rest of the website.