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Benefits of Membership

Joining the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club is easy, our dues are modest and the rest is up to you! While we encourage each of our Members to personally participate in our crisis case investigations, we also appreciate the hours of time and work that are freely given by those who organize our events, compile our publications and who attend our fundraisers with their guests.

The real benefit of joining the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club comes from the personal knowledge that your dues, donations and time go towards helping those who are in true need. Both Members and guests frequently comment on the thank you notes that are published in our newsletter as evidence that all our efforts truly do make a difference. Beyond the satisfaction of our charitable work, our events and fundraisers offer real networking opportunities for our Members and guests alike.

Download our application,  join us and make a difference.

How to Join

The Grosse Pointe Crisis Club welcomes all candidates for membership. If you are interested in joining please download the membership application form below. Membership in the Club requires sponsorship by a Member in good standing. Each membership candidate must be sponsored by two Members and approved by the Board of Trustees. Initiation fees and annual dues are nominal. Approved applicants are notified by our President and their information is then posted in the following issue of the Club newsletter.

Click here to download our membership application.