Our History

For over 60 years, the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club has been giving people care and consideration. Established in 1956, the Grosse Pointe Crisis Club was founded by a small group of Michigan businessmen, led by brothers Charles and Hamilton Kotcher, after a colleague shared a story of despair and the group decided to provide assistance. Now in its sixth decade, the Club seeks to build its already strong Membership of businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees who, together, are committed to act fast in a “CRISIS” not covered by the policies of other charitable organizations.


Throughout its history, prominent industrialists, media personalities, sports figures and politicians have stood before the Membership to speak at one of our Membership meetings. The likes of Henry Ford II, Lee Iaccocca, World Champion Detroit Tigers players and many local politicians seeking an influential audience have supported the Club with their time and presence. The Club’s Membership committee continually seeks out unique and engaging speakers to entertain, educate and enlighten our meeting attendees.


Over the years, in addition to our charitable work, the Club has developed into a distinct network of businessmen and contractors who often collaborate and develop opportunities that are mutually beneficial and that ultimately create a more integrated Membership base.